Trump-Appointed Judge Blocks Air Force from Expelling Unvaccinated Service Members and Enforcing Vaccine Mandate

Trump-Appointed Judge Blocks Air Force from Expelling Unvaccinated Service Members and Enforcing Vaccine Mandate

Joe Biden’s administration just suffered another huge setback as Trump appointed Judge rules against tyranny from the Biden’s administration.

A federal judge in Ohio blocked the Air Force’s plan to expel thousands of unvaccinated service members and enforcing the vaccine requirement against COVID-19 on Thursday.

American Military News reported that Trump-appointed Judge Matthew W. McFarland of Ohio’s Southern District granted a temporary restraining order after service members sued the Air Force Secretary to provide religious exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Joe Biden’s administration has been working on Expelling service members for refusing to take the experimental vaccine.

In a Supreme Court judgement delivered earlier this year, the daily wire was able to secure a judgement against the Administration as they initially tried to force organisations to enforce the vaccine mandates. But after losing that battle, Biden and his team switched attention to the service members.

“McFarland’s ruling grants class status in a class action lawsuit to Airmen, Space Force Guardians, Air National Guardsmen and Air Force Academy and Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) cadets who submitted a religious accommodation request for the vaccine mandate from Sept. 1, 2021, to the present, and who were confirmed by an Air Force Chaplain as having had a sincerely held religious belief, and who either had their requests denied or still-pending accommodations,” the news outlet reported.

“The Court issues a TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER prohibiting Defendants from enforcing the vaccine mandate against any Class Member, to expire 14 days from the entry of this Order,” McFarland wrote in his ruling.

Judge McFarland ordered the Defendants to write a 10-page supplemental brief by July 21, 2022, explaining why he should not extend the temporary restraining order.

Back in April, Judge Matthew McFarland granted an order to block the military temporarily from disciplining 18 U.S. Air Force officers, airmen, and reservists, including 11 who currently or recently served at Wright-Patterson in Dayton, until their lawsuit is resolved.

Liberal and woke celebrities are not going to like this because their reaction to truth being spoken plainly is usually to throw tantrums like toddlers.

As an open conservative, the actor Jon Voight is a rare man in Hollywood.

He recently uploaded a video of himself calling for Joe Biden’s impeachment on his Twitter account.

Criminal Biden regime has done so much to wreck the American name home and abroad. A lot of people are now even ashamed of calling themselves Americans because of the man we have representing us. Such a disgrace.

Newsweek reports

Jon Voight Calls for Biden Impeachment—’We Cannot Wait Another Second’

Jon Voight has called for President Joe Biden to be impeached, accusing the Democratic leader of having “wronged this nation’s glory.”

The conservative actor, a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump, called for Biden to be removed from office in a video message that was shared on his verified Twitter account on Tuesday…

“My dear friends, we’re all saddened by so much turmoil that has been brought upon this life we live,” Voight started his video message. “Can this darkness be lifted? Can we all share joy once again and see eye to eye?”

“We have a troubled nation with much horror from these criminals that are ruining lives,” he went on. “We must stop this now. We must bring back our nation’s safety.

“Our police must act on righteousness and guard our neighborhoods, our businesses, our children, our elderly, our veterans and our handicapped. We must protect this nation and bring back safety. We’re all feeling very unsafe.”

“We’re all angry, and let’s remember why,” the Oscar-winning screen star went on. “It starts with the seat of the president of the United States. He has wronged this nation’s glory. He has taken down our morals, our true gift of the land of the free.

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