Texas Sheriff takes matters into his own hands, drives illegals back to Mexico

Texas Sheriff takes matters into his own hands, drives illegals back to Mexic


When your commander-in-chief is not willing to take the security of your borders seriously, well, a few Patriots will rise to the occasion.


A sheriff in Texas has reportedly taken matters into his own hands and driven illegals back into Mexico due to lack of resources to deal with them.


It appears there were four illegals who wrecked after being pursued by deputies for smuggling. The Kinney County Sheriff called the Border Patrol to come get the four illegals and take them to the hospital. But the Border Patrol refused because they were not cleared by the ER Department to do so.


The Kinney County Sheriff didn’t have enough deputies to take the illegals to the hospital and stay with them, so they loaded them up in their vehicle and drove them back to Mexico. And the Sheriff said they’ll continue to do this because of a lack of resources.


Joe Biden has not only left the Border with Mexico porous, he is also putting the lives of our service men and women at the border at risk. These men and women have families and loved ones who want to see them come home. But Biden will rather have them chase criminals and drug dealers in the desert where they could get killed by these armed smugglers. 


With the supreme Court overturning Trump’s stay at Mexico policy, the immigration crisis is set to get worse, and that is to put it mildly as the department is overburdened and understaffed, all while having to deal with zero to little resources made available to do their jobs.


In the last week, over 50 illegal immigrants were found dead in a truck, but instead of the mainstream media calling out the Biden administration’s failed immigration policies, they rather turned on the government, Greg Abbot. 


How often do you see a criminal government get an ally in the press? In dictatorship regimes right?


That is exactly what this administration is. A dictatorship. Joe Biden will rather prosecute his political adversaries and those he disagrees with than face real criminals.


Biden will rather imprison patriotic Americans for daring to protest and exercise their 1st amendment rights than go after drug dealers, smugglers, human traffickers and other dangerous criminals at our Border.


This is Biden’s America, it is nothing like the make America Great again movement that swept through the country during Trump’s presidency. 


But what hurts the most is each passing day makes those achievements of the Trump administration a distant memory as America is slowly becoming a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.

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