Pelosi Raked Over Coals After Getting Physical with Little Girl Who Got Too Close During Photo-Op



No one gets to be speaker of the House of Representatives without having sharp elbows — but most politicians don’t use them on little girls.



Nancy Pelosi is such a sore loser and she hits little girls. No wonder she wants to kill them before they’re even born.



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was caught in a video shoving a little girl on stage for a Photo-Op during the swearing-in ceremony for the newest elected Republican member of the House.



She must be wishing this one was aborted like the million other kids she has had killed.



Conservative actor James Woods has been making sure everyone knows about it — including the girl’s mother.



In a Twitter post published Sunday night, newly elected Rep. Mayra Flores of Texas blasted Pelosi for elbowing the girl during a photo op that followed Flores’ swearing-in on Tuesday, as Fox News reported.



The video was posted to Twitter by Woods, a man who has found a special way of getting under the leftists’ skin.



“I love this princess stood her ground, while Nancy showed her true colors,” Woods wrote.


And Flores took it from there.



“I am so proud of my strong, beautiful daughter for not allowing this to faze her,” she wrote. “She continued to smile and pose for the picture like a Queen. No child should be pushed to the side for a photo op. PERIOD!!”



Well, Nancy is all for killing babies so shoving one wouldn’t be a problem for her.



Along with not bullying children, no one should try to assassinate a Supreme Court justice over an opinion he’s voting on, or organize demonstrations outside the homes of Supreme Court justices to try to illegally influence their opinions.



Everything with Nancy Pelosi is about intimidation. Nancy is a big old bully who not only try to motivate angry extremists to assassinate Supreme Court justices, but manhandles children.



And maybe it should even be understood that no major political party should endorse barbarous violence that turns the cities of the United States into burning war zones, at ruinous cost, and even results in the loss of life.



But these don’t work with Pelosi’s Democratic party.



For them, violence is, as leftist radical H. Rap Brown said back in the 1967, as “American as cherry pie.”



Now, what Pelosi did might be small potatoes compared to the left’s more infamous moments lately — she didn’t torch a cop with a homemade flamethrower, for instance.



In fact, it was kind of tame, even by Pelosi’s own standards. When she indulged in a nationally televised temper tantrum back in February 2020 and ripped up then-President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, there was little doubt she would have ripped off the chief executive’s head, too, if she was in any kind of position to do so.





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