Notable Disclosures From Michael Sussmann’s Evidentiary Hearing

Notable Disclosures From Michael Sussmann’s Evidentiary Hearing

In a breaking news report, documents obtained from the Michael Sussmann case proves that the Hillary Clinton Lawyer defrauded the government while spreading the Russia collusion hoax to different branches of government.

There was a pre-trial hearing in the Michael Sussmann case relating to various evidentiary issues on April 27th. For the uninitiated, Sussmann a former Perkins Coie partner, and former attorney for the DNC/Clinton Campaign (and Rodney Joffe), has been charged by Special Counsel John Durham with providing false statements to then-FBI General Counsel James Baker in the fall of 2016. Here is more background on his indictment.

Here are some of the most notable disclosures:

The Special Counsel’s “ongoing investigation” into Rodney Joffe. The Special Counsel Told the court that while Joffe and Sussmann pushed the Alfa Bank/Yotaphone hoax to the CIA in February 2017, this false information was also pushed “to another branch of government, to the legislative branch” at a later time. According to the Special Counsel:

The Special Counsel’s statement reminds us of this letter we discussed from Rodney Joffe’s attorney to the attorneys for Michael Sussmann, stating the Yota phone-related allegations percolated “through various branches of the government and around the private sector after that date, in various forms.”

Rodney Joffe’s exposure and 18 U.S.C. 1031. The Special Counsel was understandably hesitant to get too deep into what they have on Rodney Joffe. However, when Sussmann’s attorneys brought up the fact that Joffe couldn’t be charged due to the 5-year statute of limitations, the Special Counsel responded that “certain statutes of limitations are longer than five years.”

The court asked for an example, and the Special Counsel referenced 18 U.S.C. 1031, “which involves defrauding the government in connection with procurement and contract matters.” This has to do with the Georgia Tech/DARPA contract. In the Special Counsel’s own words:

Laura Seago from Fusion GPS will (likely) testify at trial. We previously reported that Seago was identified as the “tech maven” the government expected to call at trial. At this hearing was the first time we saw Seago’s name explicitly mentioned as the Fusion GPS witness.

Christopher Steele will not be a witness. Sussmann’s lawyer informed the court that the Special Counsel stated on April 26 that Steele is “out of the country and isn’t likely to be a witness.”

In fact, Steele is not cooperating with the Special Counsel.

Durham Wants to Use Hillary Clinton’s Tweet Accusing Trump of Having a Secret Line of Communication with Russian Alfa Bank as Evidence in Sussmann Trial

Special Prosecutor John Durham is turning up the heat on Hillary Clinton and her associates in his pursuit of justice.

In his latest attempt at getting justice for the American people, the special prosecutor has revealed that he wants to use Hillary Clinton’s tweet accusing Trump of having a secret line of communication with Russian Alfa Bank as evidence in Michael Sussmann’s trial next month.

Remember that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann’s motion to dismiss Durham’s case was denied by a federal judge last week.

Sussmann who was indicted last September for lying to the FBI has tried every tactic possible to get the case against him dropped as they directly implicates Hillary Clinton.





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  1. Bottom line…”ALL” roads lead to Hillary, but knowing the law, Sussman should have known better than to aid and abet such an evil vile corrupt woman like Hillary. As a woman with integrity, I NEVER once gave thought to voting for her. As many of us clearly saw, I too saw right through her phony character. She belongs in prison…she IS NOT above the law!! Sussman and everyone who helped circulate and perpetuate this massive whopper of a lie, should be held accountable, stand trial, and be imprisoned for their crimes. No one is above the law.

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