“Let’s Go Brandon” – Trump Supporters Line the Street to Protest Joe Biden’s Visit To New Hampshire 

“Let’s Go Brandon” – Trump Supporters Line the Street to Protest Joe Biden’s Visit To New Hampshire

Slow Joe, the most popular president in US history on Tuesday traveled to New Hampshire and visited the Port Authority at Portsmouth Harbor.

81 million vote recipient Joe Biden was greeted by Trump supporters in a state he supposedly won in 2020.

Joe Biden has virtually no supporters.

Trump supporters held signs that read ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ and ‘Who put Cornpop in charge of infrastructure?’

Biden also spoke to a lot of empty seats.

The Protesters literally tried to block Biden’s motorcade from making it to his destination where he spoke to empty seats.

Clinton won the state in 2016 with 47.62% of the vote, while Trump lost with 47.25%, by a 0.4% margin or by 2736 votes. This marked the second-closest margin percentage in the presidential election, behind only Michigan.

But in 2020, Biden reportedly won the state with 52.7% of the votes. While it is true that George Bush was the last Republican to win the State, Biden’s numbers just doesn’t add up and this has gotten criticism for over a year now.

How is the most popular president in the history of the United States not able to gather crowd in his rally?

In other stories, the Epoch Times have reported that Barack Obama has been implicated in the on going investigations into Hunter Biden.

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee wrote to the Biden administration, requesting any correspondence between Hunter and the Obama administration. They’re looking to see if there are any. This process could take a while but it is surely a step in the right direction as the hunt continues to uncover the conspiracy involved with the Hunter Biden saga.

A group of Republicans wants to review Hunter Biden’s contact records with the Obama administration and his father, President Joe Biden.

Barack Obama was president when Hunter Biden accepted multiple payments from hostile foreign nations Corporations in order to get favours from the government. His father, Joe Biden, of course granted lots of favours to foreigners, chief amongst them were corrupt Ukrainian politicians.

President Trump called out those corrupt practices and insisted Ukrainian President look into the matter, those calls led to his impeachment in his final days in the White House.

There are fears that Hunter is still taking advantage of his father’s good name, so the Republicans wrote to say that Hunter should be investigated right away.








  1. There is already enough evidencs to bury them all under the jail. We either have the most inept investigaters in history or the most corrupt. Probably both.

  2. I’d like to see Justice, but I don’t see it happening, This investagation will be shut down if they get to close to BIG GUY!

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