Judge Orders Biden’s University to release BOMBSHELL records fhat could ruin his presidency

A judge has ordered the University of Delaware to provide more information on its deal to keep Biden’s Senate records hidden from the public.


The University of Delaware has until the end of July to provide more details to the court.

The University of Delaware is sitting on more than 1,850 boxes of records from Joe Biden’s years as a senator – and doesn’t want the public to see them.

The University have refuses to release the records and said that the papers will not be released until two years after Biden retires.



“The collection of former Vice President Biden’s senatorial papers is still being processed, with many items yet to be cataloged,” an email from a school spokeswoman said. “The entire collection will remain closed to the public until two years after Mr. Biden retires from public life.”


Judge Mary M. Johnston of the Superior Court of Delaware said the school didn’t show it thoroughly searched for Biden records sought in a lawsuit by conservative groups, and she ordered the school to show its work.


The 7-page order issued on June 7 said the university must provide an affidavit detailing which school official did the records search for the groups’ request, what documents were searched, and whether tax dollars were spent or salaries paid in connection with the Senate papers.


Mr. Biden gave the university his senatorial papers as a gift in 2012, which included 1,850 boxes and hundreds of electronic records, Newsweek reported.


It has been a two-year legal battle between the university and two conservative groups, government watchdog Judicial Watch and the news site Daily Caller News Foundation, which are seeking the records that span Mr. Biden’s nearly 40 years in the Senate.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, said the documents are relevant to examine allegations of sexual assault by Mr. Biden’s former staffer Tara Reid and allegations of influence-peddling in connection with Mr. Biden’s son Hunter Biden and foreign interests.


“What he was up to as senator is going to inform us about what he is doing and what he wants to do as president,” Mr. Fitton told The Washington Times. “Why was this public university working with this political operation, hiding records to protect then-candidate and now President Biden?” he added.

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    • Sure do. It’s really awful nothing has already been done. Are they really going to allow the Biden administration and all them others to destroy America before they stop it all????

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