Jordan Peterson responds to being banned by Twitter  

Jordan Peterson responds to being banned by Twitter



Woke Twitter is at it again as the leftist platform suspends Jordan Peterson for daring to have an opinion.



Jordan Peterson was banned by Twitter over an ‘irritated’ tweet he made referring to ‘Ellen Page’ having had her breast removed by a ‘criminal physician’.



But it is even more criminal what Twitter did in response to Dr. Peterson’s tweet.



Twitter is a work, leftist social propaganda network no doubt. We’ve known this for quite a while and they made it very much obvious by their agenda against conservatives on the platform.



From indiscriminately having their contents removed, to shadowbanning accounts owned by Republicans.



In a recent hearing, Senator Ted Cruz cried out against Twitter’s policies of hiding tweets by Republican members of Congress, even he, a sitting U.S senator was shadowbanned on the platform. Not to talk of the criminal decision to have former President Donald Trump permanently suspended from the platform.



Now the woke social media site with less than 20% American users have deemed Jordan Peterson unworthy of their platform.



In the response Peterson breaks down what he said and has to guess at why Twitter banned him over the tweet, since they didn’t specify.



The tweet in question where he was banned is below, along with Twitter’s suspension notice:



Peterson made clear that while this is technically a suspension, he’d rather die than delete this tweet at Twitter’s demand, so he views it effectively as a ban.



Elon Musk had made an offer to purchase Twitter and turn it into a profitable business as well as an avenue for free speech, but that deal has been placed on hold as the company has been unable to convince Musk that the number of bots and fake accounts are less than 5%.



This is a big issue for Musk because, according to him, big leftist corporations and some Democrats have a very large proportion of users as their followers but rarely engage on their content on the platform.



The numbers don’t add up when you see an account with over 50 million flowers but getting less than a thousand retweets and likes when they make a post.



Some have questioned Musk’s decision to place the deal on hold as many speculate that he is using this as a tactic to drop the initial price agreed for the deal.



Whichever one it is, we all know Twitter is not worth that much with intellectuals leaving the platform because of its wokeness and restricting of free speech.



For those that love Twitter, the Musk’s take over couldn’t have happened sooner, as more users are planning on ditching the platform.



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