Jeff Bezos Attacks Biden Administration on Inflation

Jeff Bezos Attacks Biden Administration on Inflation

What Joe Biden cannot destroy does not exist. Even the rich are now complaining about the state of the economy. Inflation in the United States is now at an all time high. Gas prices have been at all time highs for 7 consecutive days.

Even the elitists are now attacking the Biden administration for its catastrophic leadership failure.

For the second time, Amazon and Washington Post owner, Jeff Bezos, criticized the Biden administration on Sunday, saying that inflation is most hurtful to the least affluent in the United States.

“In fact, the administration tried hard to inject even more stimulus into an already over-heated, inflationary economy, and only Manchin saved them from themselves,” Bezos tweeted.

“Inflation is a regressive tax that hurts the least affluent. Misdirection doesn’t help the country,” he added.

Jeff Bezos’ comments were in response to a thread from Joe Biden claiming that his administration is on track to cut the deficit by $1.5 trillion, allegedly the biggest one-year decline ever. Biden also attacked former President Trump saying under his leadership, the deficit increased every single year.

Joe Biden is trying to blame the inflation his administration has caused on corporations. On Friday, Jeff Bezos called him out and said Biden’s new Disinformation Board should look into Biden’s tweet.

He called blaming inflation on corporations “misdirection.”

Elon Musk To Reverse Twitter’s Ban On Trump

Trump will be back on Twitter in no time, at least if Elon Musk’s take over completes and everything goes to plan.

Elon Musk said Tuesday that he will reverse Twitter’s permanent ban on former President Donald Trump.

This will eventually end the over two years ban on the former President’s account after the leftist media said he incited insurrection on January 6th.

Musk, who purchased Twitter last month for $44 billion, said at FT Live’s Future of the Car conference that it was “not correct to ban Donald Trump.”

“I think that was a mistake because it alienated a large part of the county, and did not ultimately result in Donald Trump not having a voice,” Musk said, adding that the decision was “morally bad.”


“That doesn’t mean that someone gets to say whatever they want to say,” Musk said. “If they say something that is illegal or destructive to the world, then there should be perhaps a timeout, temporary suspension or that particular tweet should be made invisible or have very little traction.”


“I would reverse the permanent ban,” Musk added.

Once Musk’s purchase of Twitter is finalized he is expected to serve as the company’s CEO for a period of time.






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