Hunter Biden Faces INDICTMENT Over Laptop from hell  

Hunter Biden Faces INDICTMENT Over Laptop from hell


Joe Biden’s worst nightmare is about to come true. His only son, Hunter Biden will soon be behind bars. The president have spent his entire time in the White House trying to cover up the crimes of his son Hunter and keep him out of jail, but it seems his crimes are beginning to catch up with him.

Jesse Watters, a Fox News commentator, claims to have received information from a reputable source that Hunter Biden is soon to face prosecution. His supporters believe Joe Biden would pardon him to keep him out of jail, and that he will then proclaim his decision to retire from the United States Senate. Watters argues that Biden must now see that he is failing to deliver for anybody and that reelection is no longer a possibility, and that he should not be worried about the repercussions of pardoning Hunter.

Then we can all congregate and share Joe Biden tales we’ve heard over the years. My personal favourite is when Joe and Obama went hunting together to show that they were not anti-hunting before the 2012 presidential reelection campaign. They were instructed before leaving that if they were separated from their company, they should fire three times in the air and someone would come to their aid.

They’ve gotten bewildered, as Joe discovers when he fires three rounds into the air. After a brief pause, Joe fired three further shots into the air. This repeated itself twice more, causing Obama to exclaim, “I’m starting to worry.” Biden asked, “Are you concerned?” My arrows are almost depleted.”

According to Walters,

“As we all know, Emperor Joe Biden is clad in rags. Joe Biden is far from perfect. Joe Biden is not a happy man at the moment. He is failing to produce for Republicans, Democrats, or anybody else. Additionally, his polling numbers are abysmal. Additionally, the Democrats are on the edge of defeat. And this is something that America is very aware of. The news media shares this sentiment. On the other hand, the media is much too arrogant to admit its errors. As a consequence, the cover-up has maintained its momentum.”

As previously reported, the president’s approval rating has slipped to 34%. He is losing popularity across the board, from blacks to whites to Latinos. According to sources on ‘Primetime,’ Hunter will face charges. Biden is virtually expected to pardon himself and announce that he will not seek reelection. Therefore, who else is available to assume the mantle of leadership? “Is it possible that it is Kamala?”

Consider this terrible notion right now. Of course, she would never have Democratic Party support. Their bench is as little stocked as the pantry of Old Mother Hubbard. They are, however, apprehensive to join Kamala. Even if she just does one thing in that election, she has the potential to create history. Vote for Trump and guarantee that the outcome is unanimous.


I believe he will face charges,” attorney Clint Lancaster said of his client. “I’d be surprised if he isn’t indicted purely based on what I noticed in his financial records,” the author writes.

The piece adds, “Last month, Roberts traveled to Delaware to testify before a federal grand jury.” Lancaster said that he submitted investigators with a huge amount of Hunter’s financial data’ in response to a subpoena issued by a federal grand jury. He said that the documents he was holding were from a child support case.”

Lancaster discovered “a lot of information” throughout his study that he feels is “negative” for Biden.


Remember the laptop that the New York Post reported on just before the election, but the big media outlets like the New York Times called it misinformation, even twitter had to censor the post. Now it appears that the laptop is real and the New York Times have finally confirmed that.


This laptop contains information that is damaging to Hunter Biden and his father. So much that Joe Biden had to designate the bearer of the laptop as a political enemy.




  1. Hunter Biden should go to Prison as well as his farther, Nancy Polsi, Chuck Shumer, Adam Shaiff Hilary Clinton, AOC, Ormar, James Comey, Sussmann, Fautci, Bill Gates Karmala Harris.
    Maxine Waters. All are a bunch of corrupt Treason lying Officials .
    And it shouldn’t matter whether they are a public servant or not. They lied stold and betrayed our country on the American people ‘s Taxpayers expense!!!!!
    They are working for the people, but they are crooks and stealing from the American People!!!!!

  2. We haven’t seen nothing yet, wait until full scope of Joe Biden involvement is exposed, then you know what a big lier he is, Joe Biden is living in his own world, and he thinks everybody is beneath him, and he can gets away with anything, but the time will prove otherwise.

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