Hillary Weeps as She BEGS Court To Drop Durham Case

Hillary Weeps as She BEGS Court To Drop Durham Case

Hillary Clinton is finally realising the that she could go to jail for her crimes as Secretary of State and even when she was senator.

An important story from the previous several years, if not decades, has started to surface in the “alternative media” in the last two weeks. Durham’s bombshell disclosures have been mostly ignored by the mainstream media, even though blogs like ours were not the first to break the story or outsmart the mainstream media.

Attorneys for Michael Susmann are asking for the court to throw down Durham’s complaint against the counsellor, according to the New York Times, which first reported the news.

There has been a big development in the story that has grabbed the country this week, as reported by the New York Post:

It was announced Thursday that the special counsel’s prosecution against Hillary Clinton presidential campaign lawyer had been dropped. “Extreme prosecution overreach” was the term used by the defence counsel.

According to reports obtained from the media, last year, after he was accused of lying to an FBI agent about his 2016 connection with the Clinton presidential campaign, lawyer Michael Sussmann was charged in Durham’s Trump-Russia probe for lying to an FBI agent.

The report stated that his attorneys argued in the motion to dismiss that Sussmann had not made any false statements to the FBI and that prosecutors were only looking into his case because of a procedural mistake.

It is alleged that Suzmann met with FBI agents in September 2016 to “pass along evidence that generated worries about national security,” according to Sussmann’s counsel.

During the FBI’s investigation, Sussmann voiced his concerns about possible ties between the Trump Organisation and Russia’s Alfa Bank to the agency. According to our findings, the supposed digital fingerprints were most likely the result of spam email.

That’s the story I’ve heard from him, anyhow. He has not been accused of giving false information in the indictment. No one has accused him of having any cause to doubt the accuracy of the tip that he provided, according to the petition.

Reporter for Gateway Pundit, Joe Hoft, wrote:

Durham released papers this weekend showing that Hillary Clinton’s crew, which included Sussmann, was spying on President Trump and other officials of the United States government, as well as other members of the Clinton campaign. Many people in the United States believe that listening in on President Obama’s conversations is a serious matter that should not be overlooked.

Even though Sussmann’s efforts were little in the grand plot to murder President Obama, they may be regarded significant when taken into account as part of a bigger scheme.

This is not going to sit well with Sussmann and Hillary. His desire to escape as quickly as possible stems from this realisation.


There are always screams of “not fair” and complaints about how he “voluntarily met with FBI agents” when the government uses the techniques it employed against Hillary’s adversaries and her attorneys.

‘ Complaints of unfairness and accusations that he “voluntarily met with FBI agents” are ironically being voiced. Michael, do you believe the shoe fits better on the other foot, or does it hurt more?

Ultimately, the kind of judge who hears the arguments and renders a decision will determine the outcome of the case.

When it comes to government accountability, it’s tragic that we can no longer depend on “the fourth estate.” When it comes to politics, the media has grown into a public relations arm for politicians who belong to “the club,” as the expression goes.

In other stories, Hillary Clinton is said to be considering a 2024 run should Biden be declared as unfit to run. Rumours has it that Joe Biden is gaining less and less support from the Democratic party as some believe he is way past his prime. But rather than hand over the reign to Kamala Harris who is the vice president, some section of the Democratic party believe that Kamala Harris’s low approval ratings and widely unpopularity with the American voters could hamper their chances of retaining the White House, hence the idea of a possible Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump part 2.

Won’t it he fun to see President Trump defeat Hull Clinton twice in the race for the White House?





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