Former Head Of FBI Intel Unit EXPOSES Clinton Campaign For Russia Collusion Hoax  

Former Head Of FBI Intel Unit EXPOSES Clinton Campaign For Russia Collusion Hoax


There was no Russian Collusion. That much has been established by now. But what still remain a mystery is how all the story of a Collusion came about. At least until now.

Following special prosecutor John Durham’s investigation, more and more evidence are popping up revealing the deep cover up operation led by James Comey and his cronies in the FBI that failed in their bid to get Hillary Clinton elected president.

A former head of FBI intelligence says that the Clinton campaign “just made stuff up” about former President Donald Trump in 2016 to paint him as a Russian asset.

Retired Assistant Director for Intelligence Kevin Brock is a vocal critic of the FBI’s handling of allegations that Trump colluded with Russian agents to influence the 2016 election. In a Wednesday appearance on “Just the News, Not Noise,” Brock said that evidence discovered in special counsel John Durham’s investigation shows that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign, not Trump’s, used “contrived disinformation” to mislead voters.

“This is more than just political dirty tricks,” Brock said. “Political dirty tricks usually have some foundation in truth. But they just made stuff up.”

Durham’s team of prosecutors are wrapping up preparations for a trial against former Perkins Coie attorney Michael Sussmann, who is charged with lying to the FBI about representing the Clinton campaign when he approached then-FBI special counsel James Baker in 2016 with later debunked evidence of a backchannel between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank.

Durham has released a trove of information about the origins of the Alfa Bank claims in recent court filings preparing for the Sussmann trial. One of Durham’s filings revealed that the CIA had examined what Sussmann presented to Baker and concluded that some of the information was not “technically plausible” and was “user created.” Prosecutors said in a filing:

For example, while the FBI did not reach an ultimate conclusion regarding the data’s accuracy or whether it might have been in whole or in part genuine, spoofed, altered, or fabricated, Agency-2 concluded in early 2017 that the Russian Bank-1 data and Russian Phone Provider-1 data was not “technically plausible,” did not “withstand technical scrutiny,” “contained gaps,” “conflicted with [itself],” and was “user created and not machine/tool generated.” The Special Counsel’s Office has not reached a definitive conclusion in this regard.


In other stories,

Durham Wants to Use Hillary Clinton’s Tweet Accusing Trump of Having a Secret Line of Communication with Russian Alfa Bank as Evidence in Sussmann Trial

Special Prosecutor John Durham is turning up the heat on Hillary Clinton and her associates in his pursuit of justice.

In his latest attempt at getting justice for the American people, the special prosecutor has revealed that he wants to use Hillary Clinton’s tweet accusing Trump of having a secret line of communication with Russian Alfa Bank as evidence in Michael Sussmann’s trial next month.

Remember that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann’s motion to dismiss Durham’s case was denied by a federal judge last week.

Sussmann who was indicted last September for lying to the FBI has tried every tactic possible to get the case against him dropped as they directly implicates Hillary Clinton.






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