EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Emails From Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer Reveal Voter Fraud Concerns Before 2020 Election

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Emails From Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer Reveal Voter Fraud Concerns Before 2020 Election


A huge fraud cover up has been uncovered in Maricopa County after Leaked Emails revealed County recorder, Stephen Richer was aware of voter fraud concerns long before 2020 election yet covered it up when it happened in the presidential election.


Newly released emails from November 2019 show Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer expressing his deep concerns about voter fraud and unscrupulous elections officials before the rigged 2020 election. This was before he contested for the position he is occupying now.


We The People AZ Alliance‘s Shelby Busch exchanged these emails with Stephen Richer where he expressly told her something was not right.


In 2018, Stephen Richer was tasked by the Arizona GOP with auditing the 2018 midterm election after serious concerns over fraud and elections law violations. His findings were inconclusive due to then Recorder Adrian Fontes’ failure to produce requested documents. But what he encountered then that was frustrating to his work is very much what he is doing today.


The Gateway Pundit reported that the Maricopa County Recorder’s office has defied requests from the Arizona Attorney General for his criminal investigation into the sham 2020 election.


Maricopa County Receives Renewed Request For Records Or Information In 2020 Election Investigation – What Are They Hiding Now?


After stonewalling the Arizona Senate for nearly a year on access to routers, Splunk logs, and other subpoenaed items that were used in the rigged 2020 Presidential Election, Maricopa County continues to defy the Arizona Attorney General! AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich certified the fraudulent election, and he is certifying the cover-up.


Recorder Stephen Richer ran for office in 2020 on the exact same points. He told voters that former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes is a “criminal.” So does that mean Richer himself is also a criminal for refusing to turn over documents? 


One year before his election, Richer wrote,


This confidence has been further damaged by the fact that Fontes has not given a full accounting for his actions in the election, and his Office has failed to produce documents in response to the multiple records requests put forward by the Republican and its surrogate (me).


In these emails, Richer expresses concerns over ballot harvesting, signature verifications, human bias, duplication of ballots, voter roll maintenance, and policy that enables election fraud.


In regards to ballot duplication due to unreadable ballots, Richer suggests that we “simply throw it away because human oversight is an imperfect art.” He further states that it is likely the voter’s own fault if their ballot is unreadable.


Richer even showed support for post-election door-to-door canvassing efforts. In the last email, Richer says that the best way to know if someone lives at the address they voted from would be to go and canvass the residence.


The Gateway Pundit also reported that Stephen Richer was exposed for not trusting Dominion to be used in another election.


Maricopa County and election fraud deniers have taken a hard stance against these ideas. They have even claimed that post-election canvassing is equivalent to “voter intimidation.”


Clearly these are evidence of a large cover up at play here. But just how much was Richer worth to the Democratic party? How was he bought like a cheap commodity in the market? I guess we will never know.



  1. The world already knew Trump won. Canada cheated in the gta. They have Dominion voting machines. Trump should be returned to the white house and given an 8yr term no questions asked.

  2. And if they refused requests by the AG and the state senate WHY arent they all rotting in jail where they should be???

  3. WHY AREN’T U ARRESTING, the obama joe biden hillary Clinton’s Treasonous ACTS. COMMON, u have the evidence to prosecute these monsters, that is destroying AMERICA. What are u waiting 4.

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