Dr. Fauci Just Made An Awful Statement on Live Tv 

Dr. Fauci Just Made An Awful Statement on Live Tv 

The demonic doctor, Dr. Fauci Just Praised America’s adversary China on national television. And on top of that he reveals why lockdowns are necessary. Saying: “You Use Lockdowns to Get People Vaccinated” 

Dr Fauci has come under increasing scrutiny by the Republicans for the origin of the virus and then the way the vaccines were rushed through. But not just that, the measures being taking by the government to fight the pandemic were becoming rather suspicious to the American people.

Aside from declaring lockdowns in States that were having crucial outbreaks, there was mask mandate that forces every citizen to go out with a mask over their nose. In fact Fauci wears two of those. But people still caught the virus with the mask and the lockdowns. 

When the vaccines got out, Fauci then convinced Biden that they should be no exemptions. And that everyone must be forced to take the vaccines even if they were against their faith and beliefs. This is like going against the foundational beliefs of the America, what makes us a free world.


Joe Biden then declares vaccine mandate and forces people to take vaccines that have not prevented infections, not prevented the spreading of the virus and have most definitely not help in the recovery. But rather than apologise to the American people for making them ingest whatever is in that vaccine for 3 shots, Dr fauci declared on national television that his strategy for fighting the pandemic was a Chinese copy. 

Dr. Fauci went on MSNBC on Thurssday morning to discuss China’s historic lockdowns in Shanghai.

Fauci praised Communist China’s COVID pandemic strategy and discussed the reason for lockdowns — to get everyone vaccinated with experimental vaccines.

Dr. Fauci: “You use lockdowns to get people vaccinated so that when you open up you won’t have a surge of infections.”

So the nations top executive for infectious disease believes that lockdowns are a great idea, and not necessarily to stop infections but to force experimental vaccines on people.

He didn’t even talk about the drug that has been touted as a cure to the virus. That has been labelled misinformation and banned. Fauci will rather promote draconian rules and authoritarian control on national television than say anything about cure for for virus.

This makes me wonder, what exactly is Fauci’s gain in all of this? Being the one that started the gain of function research in the wuhan lab, and then lied about to Congress, and then he imposed this experiment vaccines on Americans and the rest of the world and now he’s promoting draconian rule on national television. What exactly is Fauci’s end game?

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