BREAKING: Obama IMPLICATED In Hunter Biden Scandal

BREAKING: Obama IMPLICATED In Hunter Biden Scandal

House Oversight Committee Republicans wrote to the Biden administration, asking for any communication between Hunter and the Obama administration, according to The Epoch Times. They want to see if there are any.

A group of Republicans wants to see Hunter Biden’s contact records with the Obama White House and with his father, President Joe Biden.

Barack Obama was president when Hunter Biden accepted multiple payments from hostile foreign nations Corporations in order to get favours from the government. His father, Joe Biden, of course granted lots of favours to foreigners, chief amongst them were corrupt Ukrainian politicians.

President Trump called out those corrupt practices and insisted Ukrainian President look into the matter, those calls led to his impeachment in his final days in the White House.

There are fears that Hunter is still taking advantage of his father’s good name, so the Republicans wrote to say that Hunter should be investigated right away.

If you look at the Republicans on the House Oversight Committee, they think that Hunter Biden has a lot to do with how the Russians are influencing Ukraine.

There has been a DOJ investigation into Hunter Biden’s transactions, and it has grown to include a wide range of possible violations and crimes that could have been done.” Authorities are looking into Hunter Biden’s possible violations of the FARA and tax evasion, the New York Times reports.

When we look at the current geopolitical situation, we don’t know if Hunter Biden’s business contacts in Ukraine and Russia are still getting a lot of help because he’s the son of President Biden. It might be possible for the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to help with this question, they said.

People who worked with Hunter’s money are writing to Joe Biden to say that they lied about their involvement in them. He was more than just aware, according to the legislators.


Vladimir Putin added Hunter to a list of Americans he had banned, making them even more afraid.

He said that he had never talked to his son about how much money he had to live on in the United States. This seems to be a lie.

” Joe Biden met with some of his son’s friends, as well as talked to his son about his offshore business deals, according to new evidence.


Putting Hunter Biden, not any of the other Biden kids, at-risk has made the president’s false claims even more worrisome to lawmakers.

Joe Biden has had a lot of power in the public eye for a long time, which has helped his family. People say Hunter Biden has benefitted from his father’s success in politics, which includes running an energy company in Ukraine, selling cobalt mines in the DRC, and connecting his father to Kazakhstani oil oligarchs, as well as stopping the conviction of a Romanian real estate mogul on corruption charges, the report says.”

They asked for this:

If there are any documents or communications between the Biden family and the executive branch of government or the vice president’s office, they will be made public starting on January 20, 2017. This includes any documents or communications between the Biden family and members of the Biden family about Russia or Ukraine.

Kate Bedingfield, the communications director for the White House, said on Thursday that Joe Biden was telling the truth when he said that Hunter Biden did not make money in China or other international business deals.

“The president’s response is 100% correct,” she said. It was made possible for the Washington Post to see our remarks from when we said them, so if you want to see them. That’s not all. I can’t speak for Hunter Biden, and that means I don’t know what else to say.”





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  1. I do not believe at all that Hunter Biden did not make any mony from China!
    However, And it would be a great pleasure to see Barack Obama to serve time in Federal Presion. Because he more than likely instigated this whole agenda not only with Huner Biden, bur Joe and James Biden too. And Hillary Rodman Clinton.
    Barack did not want this County to be founded on it’s Civil Liberties and Freedoms as a Capitalism. Because ge and Hillary when they were first starting out in politics, getting involved in Communism and taking the People’s Freedoms away from them!

    And when a smart business man, like President Trump came along, Obama a d Hillary just couldn’t handle it!
    Obama wanted Hillary Cliton to run for president in hus last year in office, so Barack Obama could rule the country through her, like he is now with Sleepy Joe Biden and Huner, and the rest of these corrupt liberal Democrats.
    But he disspied Trump when he saw that Trum recognized our great alliy, Iseral, and got along with other foreign leaders, and making America Grate again!
    All these corrupt officials need to be removed, and put into Federal Presion 😒!!!!!!

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