Joe Biden’s team of corrupt officials keep growing by the day. This time, his Secretary of State Tony Blinken is the one being implicated in serious treasonous crimes

Biden’s Secretary of State Tony Blinken has ties to George Soros through his parents.  Now Blinken is being brought before an international court for his actions with Albania.

Secretary of State Tony Blinken is a total disaster.  His actions in Afghanistan to turn over the protection of US troops in the country to the Taliban and hand over $84 billion in arms and military equipment and airplanes was the worst surrender in US history.

Now we are expecting a horrible deal with Iran worked out by Blinken that could be even worse.  The worst deal in US history is coming perhaps this week.

The Southern border is a mess.  The US is getting itself into a mess in Ukraine thanks to Blinken.   How could Blinken be so terrible?  The reason is that it appears intentional.  There really is no other explanation.

We recently discovered information on what may help explain Blinken’s actons… his parents are close to George Soros.

President Trump’s former Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy, Richard Grenell, penned an article in November of 2021 that was published by the ACLJ.  This story begins with a tweet from Blinken.

There was no reason for this act by Blinken.  Also, Berisha is known as a man who stood up against communism in the former communist country.  Berisha fought back.

It turns out Blinken’s parents are supporters of George Soros’s Open Society.  Grenell writes:

Berisha has slammed the actions by the State Department as the work of radical Left billionaire George Soros and his Open Society, an organization that claims to promote transparency and human rights in the Balkans. The ACLJ and our international affiliate, the European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ), have been exposing Soros’s outsized, radical – and what some might call corrupt – influence on the world stage.

Berisha’s claims regarding Secretary Blinken and Soros should not be dismissed so quickly. The U.S. Secretary of State’s parents, Vera and Donald Blinken, have repeatedly donated to Open Society, even creating a permanent endowment at a European-based data archive that carries their name – The Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives.

Congressman Lee Zeldin (NY-1), a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, recently confronted Secretary Blinken on his sudden sanctioning of Berisha. Secretary Blinken conveyed little confidence when asked for justification, stating “I don’t have anything to share.” While Blinken offered platitudes of follow-up for the Committee, no such information, or evidence, has been submitted. The circle-back saga continues.

At present, the only evidence we know of is Berisha’s staunch opposition to Soros’s political interference, which Mr. Berisha has decried as circumventing the rule of law and informal influence over the entire Balkans region. Mr. Berisha himself in 2017 called on major governments to investigate Soros’s role in regional politics and went so far as to encourage others to declare Soros “non-grata”.

Secretary Blinken now faces a new challenge to his authority in the form of international courts. Last week, the Correctional Tribunal of Paris announced that it would hear Berisha and his claim that Blinken has defamed his reputation by declaring him persona non-grata.

And Berisha has a point. These U.S. travel sanctions that Blinken has used against Berisha are typically a move reserved for some of the world’s most blatant, evidence-backed violations of international norms and human rights, including that of the likes of Russian oligarchs. Yet Berisha has been a friend to the U.S. and has even been hosted by both Presidents Bush.

As if Secretary of State Antony Blinken weren’t embroiled in enough foreign debacles, he now stands accused of meddling in Albanian elections on behalf of billionaire financier George Soros and is being sued for defamation in an international court as a result.

One of Blinken’s curious first actions on taking office last year was to sanction the former president and prime minister of Albania, Sali Berisha, the anti-Communist ally of Presidents George H.W. and George W. Bush, who has been in opposition for eight years, and who is a vocal opponent of Soros and his Open Society Foundations, which has been pushing judicial and electoral “reform” in Albania.


In an official statement and accompanying tweet last April, Blinken alleged that Berisha is “corrupt” and had “undermined democracy in Albania,” and barred him, his wife and two children from entering the US.

Berisha strenuously denies the allegations, is outraged that Blinken never provided any proof, claims the US government is trying to prop up the socialist Albanian government of Soros ally Prime Minister Edi Rama and has launched a defamation action against the secretary in a Paris court. Last year, the correctional tribunal of Paris agreed to hear his case.

“Never in my life was I accused by a person or an institution of corruption,” Berisha said on the phone from the Albanian capital, Tirana. “The opposite was true. I worked very closely with the US government in fighting corruption.”


He says the sanctions are retaliation for his attempt to declare Soros “persona non grata” in Albania after he grew concerned at the malign influence of Soros’ Open Society Foundations on his country.

“I’ve never had a personal problem with George Soros. The problem is first he helped Albania to have civil society and I was thankful, but in a short time, it became crystal clear that he was creating a monastic model of civil society …

“The Soros group dictated everything. So we have now a justice system, totally controlled by the government … The heads of judiciary institutions, in violation of constitutional laws, are for the moment former Communist prosecutors.”

Berisha, a cardiologist who led the movement to topple Albania’s Communist dictatorship, served as the first non-Communist president of Albania from 1992 and later as its prime minister and opposition leader.

Matt Palumbo claims in his new book “The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros” that Blinken has family ties to Soros.

He points to the fact that the secretary of state’s father, Donald Blinken, the former US ambassador to Hungary, and his wife, Vera, funded the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives at the Central European University in Budapest, which was founded and funded by Soros.








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