Arizona GOP governor signs legislation requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote


Arizona residents will now need to show proof of citizenship in order to vote in a presidential election, sparking anger from some activists.


The bill requires voters in presidential elections to show proof of citizenship, including by providing a driver’s license or tribal ID number, or a copy of a birth certificate, passport or naturalization documents. The bill also requires newly registered voters to show proof of address that they are an Arizona resident.


“Election integrity means counting every lawful vote and prohibiting any attempt to illegally cast a vote,” Gov. Dough Ducey said in a letter explaining his decision to sign the bill Wednesday.


Republicans say roughly 31,500 voters have not shown proof of citizenship.


Under the new law, elections officials would need to verify the citizenship status of any voter who submits a federal voter registration form without the proper proof. And any county recorder or election official who doesn’t attempt to verify citizenship status and knowingly registers a voter without the proper documentation could be charged with a felony. The state attorney general could also investigate any voter without proof of citizenship and could prosecute noncitizens who register to vote.


  1. It is grate that the GOP signed a bill for proof of Citizenship for illegal immigrants and newly voters to show proof! Nancy Polsi and Karmala Harris, and Gavin Newsome are not for the California People, they have made California into a Third World State. They have ruined California!
    This why Nancy Polsi and Karmala Harris should be removed from office, and Gavin Newsome!!!

  2. About time. I thought all along that this was the requirement. What ever it takes to secure our presidential election needs to be done. It is a right explicitly for the legal citizens of the United States.

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