Actor Jon Voight Calls For Joe Biden To Be Impeached: ‘We Cannot Wait’

Actor Jon Voight Calls For Joe Biden To Be Impeached: ‘We Cannot Wait’


Liberal and woke celebrities are not going to like this because their reaction to truth being spoken plainly is usually to throw tantrums like toddlers.


As an open conservative, the actor Jon Voight is a rare man in Hollywood.


He recently uploaded a video of himself calling for Joe Biden’s impeachment on his Twitter account.


Criminal Biden regime has done so much to wreck the American name home and abroad. A lot of people are now even ashamed of calling themselves Americans because of the man we have representing us. Such a disgrace. 


Newsweek reports


Jon Voight Calls for Biden Impeachment—’We Cannot Wait Another Second’


Jon Voight has called for President Joe Biden to be impeached, accusing the Democratic leader of having “wronged this nation’s glory.”


The conservative actor, a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump, called for Biden to be removed from office in a video message that was shared on his verified Twitter account on Tuesday…


“My dear friends, we’re all saddened by so much turmoil that has been brought upon this life we live,” Voight started his video message. “Can this darkness be lifted? Can we all share joy once again and see eye to eye?”


“We have a troubled nation with much horror from these criminals that are ruining lives,” he went on. “We must stop this now. We must bring back our nation’s safety.


“Our police must act on righteousness and guard our neighborhoods, our businesses, our children, our elderly, our veterans and our handicapped. We must protect this nation and bring back safety. We’re all feeling very unsafe.”


“We’re all angry, and let’s remember why,” the Oscar-winning screen star went on. “It starts with the seat of the president of the United States. He has wronged this nation’s glory. He has taken down our morals, our true gift of the land of the free.


A Biden Impeachment won’t do us much good anyway as his vice, Kamala Harris is even worse. She’s as clueless as they come. 


This whole administration will go down as the least qualified in American history. 


The process of getting Biden out of office will start in November when the house is cleansed and purged of all the demonrats threatening our democracy, then and only then can we hope for a better America.


One that is devoid of Biden and his evil cohorts. 


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